Great Local Eats In Gilbert

Gilbert Arizona is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States today. You can drive around the town and see so many changes year after year, or even week after week. 

Of all the changes and growth we have gotten to witness over the years, the increase in great places to catch a bite has to be one of our favorites. No matter what side of Gilbert you find yourself on, you are always around the corner from a delicious meal. 

In this article we will break down some of our all time favorite places to go in Gilbert, that are local to the area. With Gilbert continuing to change and grow, I expect to make several versions of this list over the years to come. 

Joe’s Farm Grill

Would this list even count if we didn’t include the most iconic restaurant in town? Joe’s Farm Grill is a staple of this community, and one of the absolute best places to grab a bite any time. 

This establishment has been featured on several food tv shows and magazines, and once you step inside it’s easy to see why. The actual building still has a lot of features from the original 1966 farm house, but has been excellently remodeled into a modern restaurant. If you want to learn more about the farm’s history, there is a dedicated wall of pictures from the Johnson family who had it built. 

You really can’t go wrong with your order, but a personal favorite is the Detroit style pepperoni pizza with a side of garlic fries. If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, check out their selection of salads and enjoy one of their many house made dressings. Show up before 11am to wake up with Joe’s unique breakfast menu, we love their breakfast tacos. 

One of the best parts about eating at Joe’s farm grill is the fact that you truly are eating local. Joe’s sources many of the ingredients and produce from the Farm at Agritopia, as well as other Arizona based farms. When you eat at Joe’s, you truly are supporting the Arizona economy. 

Blue 32 Sports Grill

Down. Set. Hike. Blue 32 provides the ideal environment to enjoy a night out watching games, and chowing down on gourmet meals. Blue 32 is not your typical sports bar & grill as it comes with a family friendly atmosphere, and a surprising menu that will take the action off the big screen and serve it on the plate in front of you.

Blue 32 offers high quality classic bar & grill options, but their House Favorites and Seafood menu really set this place apart from other sports grills. I like to try new things when I go, but their turkey avocado club wrap is always so hard to pass on. 

You’ll never miss a single play with multiple TVs catching the action in view no matter where you are. Although you might find yourself enjoying your food too much to even pay attention.

Great service is the perfect side dish to every meal, and Blue 32 always has friendly and fast service from their hard working staff. With two convenient locations right here in Gilbert go check out the next game and spoil your tastebuds.

High Tide Seafood Bar & Grill

Who says you can’t find great seafood options in the Valley? High Tide has an exceptional menu and atmosphere to dine in that totally takes you out of the desert.

This place is special to me personally as it was the location of one of the very first dates I had with a lovely lady who would go on to become my wife. This makes for the perfect excuse for a visit anytime I get a hankering for crab.

One of their best dishes is the lobster Mac n Cheese, which they provide to you in what seems like an endless bowl. This is a great appetizer option to share, or you can make it a delicious main course. 

If you’re looking to dine out in Gilbert on a budget, keep in mind this is the most expensive option, but the quality and quantity of food more than makes up for the cost. Besides, no one wants to risk eating cheap seafood.

Backyard Taco

Okay okay, this one might be cheating a bit as the original Backyard Taco was founded over in Mesa. But with a location in Gilbert, and another right on the Gilbert/Chandler border, this taco spot is TOO delicious not to mention. 

The name speaks for itself as the very original restaurant started in a backyard in Mesa. They now have four locations in the East Valley, with more to come I’m sure!  

This is an old favorite of the DGR team, and we recommend trying out the carne asada tacos or burrito. This is a great option if you’re on the go as this location has a fast drive-thru. We love this and often head further south on Higley to go enjoy our tacos at the beautiful Gilbert Regional Park. 

Morning Kick

Kick your day off right, with the perfect breakfast. A personal family favorite, we love to show up bright and early for breakfast tacos. Named “Best Breakfast Burrito” by the Phoenix Magazine Best of Valley Reader’s Pick 2021, we could not agree more. 

If you don’t have time to stop by the restaurant to grab a bite to eat or pick up a family sized burrito box, you can follow them on the gram to see where their food truck will stop next. Can it really be considered stalking if they encourage you to do it? 

Copper Still Moonshine Grill

Copper Still is the perfect place to grab a bite for those craving classic American fare. Leave your diet guilt at the door as Copper Still has several options that even your personal trainer would approve. Even their hot wings has a baked & grilled version instead of the traditional fryer.

Test your trivia knowledge on Tuesday nights, or flex your vocals on Saturday with karaoke. Our favorite day to go is Tuesday for their Taco Tuesday specials which we chase down with dessert nachos.


Having opened their doors in Gilbert in 2000, Flancer’s is the longest seasoned local restaurant on our list. The fact that Flancer’s has stood the test of time says a lot as the town of Gilbert was incredibly smaller in the infancy of the restaurant. 

This local favorite has grown in popularity as the population has continued to climb over 22 years. They pulled this off by perfecting a dish that is beloved by everyone moving here from all over the country, pizza. 

Famous for their pizzas and sandwiches, Flancer’s has been collecting awards year after year for having some of the best food in Gilbert and the Valley. I love to create my own pizza, but their options of specialty pizzas are carefully created to be packed with lots of flavor.

Their specialty extends beyond pizza pies and deli sandwiches so this is a great option for groups that can’t agree on what to eat. Soups, salads, burgers, pasta, and even all day breakfast finishes off their stellar menu, and if you have any room left try a slice of their fresh cobbler. 

212 Creamery 

I know anyone with a sweet tooth who is reading this is waiting to hear about dessert spots. Keep an eye out for future articles where we focus on, and break down the best sweet treats in the East Valley. But 212 Creamery is so delicious that it just had to make an appearance on this list. 

Famous for their rolled ice cream, 212 Creamery sets themselves apart from other ice cream places by making each order of ice cream right there on the spot for your enjoyment. They pour all the ingredients together on an ice cold surface and spread it around, allowing you to watch as the mixture hardens.

You can’t find fresher ice cream anywhere else, especially combined with their wide variety of options and flavors. The hardest part of visiting is just deciding on the perfect toppings. I seem to have a weakness for their cookie butter.  

This sweet spot already has two locations here in Gilbert to serve your sugar fix, so stop by the nearest one and scoop up a treat that comes with a show. 

Let us know about your favorite local places to eat around Gilbert. We look forward to trying your suggestions and using your help to make future lists.