Let's Team Up

Dan Glenn
Beth Glenn
Chris Rutledge

How It Started

After having her Real Estate license for 3 years, Elizabeth Glenn persued her Broker’s license and Dan Glenn Realty was born in 2007. This agency was founded on the goal of connecting people to their ideal home through our guidance and hassle free process. Shortly into the agency’s beginning our country went through a recession that effected the housing market. During this time our focus shifted towards helping our community navigate important and fast real estate transactions to avoid financial hardships.

Where We Are

A lot has changed in the East Valley over the years and it’s going to continue to blossom for years to come. One thing that hasn’t changed is our approach to business and putting people first. Dan Glenn Realty remains servicing the East Valley on the pillars of providing our clients with Gold standard service in all their real estate needs. We have recently added our son in law, Chris, to the team which came with the addition of having our own in house media production. We’re excited to continue to grow with this vast community as one of the many puzzle pieces coming together to build the East Valley as a top destination in the nation.